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The Infront Professional Terminal

With your entire workflow in one single terminal, you can discover, analyze and trade global financial markets in a heartbeat

All in one

The Infront Professional Terminal combines real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading in one intuitive platform, putting financial markets at your fingertips. With access to your entire workflow in a single solution, you can make better investment decisions, faster. Take a free trial and find out why professional users are replacing their legacy terminals with the Infront Professional Terminal.

Access global market data

With data from over 80 exchanges, MTFs, contributing brokers and more, Infront gives you a complete overview of the markets that are important to you. Combine equities, derivatives, fixed income, commodities, funds, FX and money market data in your own custom interface for an unparalleled view of the market.

Data that you can trust

Quality data is key to your success. The Infront Professional Terminal includes data from highly acclaimed data sources such as Morningstar for global funds data on more than 50.000 funds and ETFs, and Factset for estimates and company data covering all major listed companies worldwide. Not to mention data on our core markets from our own award-winning news agencies and data providers.

Financial news and research

Get easy access to real-time financial news from leading sources, regulatory news, in-depth research and social media. Powerful search, filtering and alert tools, combined with an historical archive gives you the information you need when you need it.

"As a 15 year Bloomberg user I found the transition to the Infront platform very intuitive and easy to make. The tools, layout and customisable modules provide impressive functionality for professional and individual investors alike.” - Ashay Deochand, Partner at Chandos Capital

Superior analytics and tools

Dig down deep with superior analytics for equities, funds, fixed income, derivatives, and FX. Screen, compare and analyze global listed companies with fundamentals, consensus estimates and ratios, combined with with powerful tools for Excel, and desktop APIs for R and Python

Superior analytics

Advanced charting & visualizations

Visualize the markets with advanced charting tools to make better investment decisions. Gain market insight by accessing time-series on more than 4 million instruments, from intraday tick-by-tick to years of history. View corporate actions, news and research directly in the chart, customize with studies and annotations, and share the chart with one click.

Clear overview. Deep analysis.

Sometimes you need a quick answer, other times you need the complete answer.  Overview pages for companies, indices, funds, asset classes and countries give you a clear, compact first look.  And you can click on nearly everything to instantly drill down into the details.

Infront Company Overview

Global multi-asset trading

Profit on your insights with powerful trading functionality in your terminal. The Infront Professional Terminal is pre-integrated with multi-broker trading networks such as ULLINK NYFIX, so that you can execute trades electronically with over 600 global counterparties across multiple asset classes.

Portfolio tracker

Monitor portfolios in real-time

Manage your order flow seamlessly and optimize execution performance in real-time. See P/L, news and events on your portfolios. Infront's Portfolio Tracker also integrates with Portfolio Management Systems for seamless integrations of portfolios and automated order execution workflows.


Mobile real-time data and trading apps

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More than 20 000 users in 50 countries trust Infront every day to follow, analyze and trade global financial markets.